Opening a new era of investment opportunities in mobility

Future Mobility Asia leads Asia's transition to clean mobility, creating a crucial platform for stakeholders to engage with the continent's sustainable transport future. This meeting point catalyses investment, innovation, and policy discourse to drive Asia towards a future of net-zero emissions within its rapidly evolving economies.

The event facilitates connections between policymakers, industry leaders, and innovators to tackle the challenges of shifting towards sustainable mobility solutions, including developing EV infrastructure, promoting hydrogen energy, and crafting supportive regulatory frameworks. It offers a comprehensive overview of the mobility landscape through high-level discussions, exhibitions of cutting-edge solutions, and opportunities for cross-continental business engagement.

Network with 600+ Industry Leaders and Policymakers Speaking

Three Days Of Exceptional Networking Opportunities, Insightful Conferences, And More

The Exhibition

Attending the exhibition at Future Mobility Asia is a must for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the forefront of clean mobility solutions—this unique showcase of the latest products and innovations driving the sustainable transport revolution across Asia. Visitors will be able to see firsthand the cutting-edge advancements in electric vehicles, hydrogen energy technologies, and smart infrastructure setting the pace for the continent's move towards net-zero emissions. The exhibition allows attendees to explore the tangible outcomes of industry innovation and facilitates direct engagement with the creators and companies behind these transformative solutions.

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The Conferences

Future Mobility Asia, co-located with Future Energy Asia and Future LNG Asia, is the region's most important and influential energy transition forum, providing unparalleled access to the government and industry leaders transforming the energy value chain in Asia and beyond.

Serving as the platform to showcase Asia's progress in towards global emissions reduction, Future Mobility Asia is a collective call to action for Asia to strengthen the collaboration among the policy makers and OEMs, shaping a new era in clean mobility.

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"This is our first time joining Future Mobility Asia. We've joined many exhibitions in the past and Future Mobility Asia is proving to be the show that brings together the relevant stakeholders for the mobility industry and we're very happy with what we've achieved so far."

Dassault Systèmes 100X100

"I think that when it comes to interacting with potential clients with our partners and even to building relationships with them and to understand their business challenges is best-done face to face in person during events such as Future Mobility Asia. So that we can have clarity on what are the business challenges and they can also seek a greater seek to understand our solution much better if they were able to come to our booth and have a conversation with us and we can then see how we can support them better."

SMMT 100X100

"It's our first time exhibiting an event in Southeast Asia and in Thailand and through Future Mobility Asia, we're seeing the transition to low carbon and Electric Mobility happening some of the markets are at different stages of development to others so I think we've learned quite quickly in this region a lot about what's happening here in Southeast Asia here in Thailand and we're informing our strategy of what we as an organization need to do and what our companies will be doing in future."

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