Championing Smart Transportation with AI, IoT, and Advanced Energy Solutions for a New Era of Clean Mobility

Now in its fourth successful year, Future Mobility Asia, co-located with Future Energy Asia, is being held in Bangkok from 7-9 May 2025, representing a beacon for change and platform for innovation in the heart of Southeast Asia.

The Future Mobility Asia exhibition serves as a platform to revolutionise the transportation of people and goods, presenting solutions that enhance efficiency, convenience, and environmental sustainability.

Centred on smart transportation and clean mobility solutions aimed at tackling global mobility challenges, this event champions sustainable transportation alternatives, marking the dawn of a new era in mobility.

The exhibitions, supported by multi-stream conferences, will gather and inspire policymakers, industry leaders, and technology innovators from across the globe to forge a path towards an integrated and resilient future.

Three Days Of Networking Opportunities, Conferences, And More

The Exhibition

Future Mobility Asia's partnership programmes are expertly crafted to align with each partner's strategic goals, offering exceptional value to their executives. Partners benefit from high-level engagement throughout the event cycle — before, during, and after the event — maximising both the impact and the experience of participation. With the support of the Future Mobility Asia Steering Committee and a committed team of Account Managers, partners receive unparalleled support and guidance.

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The Conferences

Future Mobility Asia’s conference programme brings together multiple streams, delivered by a thoughtfully curated range of expert speakers – including CEOs and business leaders, policymakers from the world’s leading economies, and specialists from the across the industry.

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Key Themes

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Driving sustainable fuel innovation to realise clean mobility

Embracing a multi-fuel future is central to decarbonising transport, and fully realising the benefits of a coherent mobility strategy. However, achieving this will require a more holistic approach when it comes to developing multi-modal environments, specifically regarding the policies and investment required for enabling digital and physical infrastructure, in order to reach net-zero.

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Unlocking the value of connected infrastructure to deliver the new mobility economy

New resilient digital and physical infrastructure is required to fully realise the economic and social benefits of future mobility. By creating smart, interconnected transportation systems, which facilitate seamless transactions, connections, and information transfer, cities will be able to leverage new infrastructure to generate new commercial growth.

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Utilising connected mobility to create a more unique, personalised, and value-driven experience

Greater connectivity promises to revolutionise mobility, bringing economic and social benefits, whilst creating the right environment to test, grow and deploy new digital solutions. New investment will be required, from data analytics to AI and new sensor equipment, so collaboration throughout the value chain will be critical to delivering new innovations effectively.

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Accelerating electrification to enhance efficiency, increase sustainability, and promote technological innovation

Electrification of transport offers diverse benefits for future mobility, including lower total cost of ownership, lower emissions, and greater social good. Realising a circular economy will help reduce emissions throughout the supply chain, further reducing costs to the consumer, whilst encouraging new transport options and micromobility.


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"Future Mobility Asia is the ideal platform to develop business leads through content-driven discussions. The event has taken the role of the annual event in my calendar for expanding my business network within Southeast Asia's electric mobility community and learning new trends in the dynamic EV market, including services and enablers such as convenience charging and AI."

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"Future Mobility Asia is crucial for us to connect and share our knowledge with a new ecosystem customers potential. These face-to-face interactions are key to building trust and relationships, which are tremendously beneficial to our business."