Why Visit 09

Batteries, energy storage systems, and EV charging infrastructures are the driving force behind the future of mobility. The Future Mobility Asia exhibition floor is dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in these fields, including exciting next-generation technologies, R&D advances, and game-changing products and solutions that have the power to transform the path to net-zero.

Products featured in this zone: 

  • Battery swapping stations
  • Battery management system
  • Battery tray inspection
  • Energy storage technology
  • EV batteries
  • EV charging management software
  • EV charging infrastructures
  • Research & development

Who Will You Meet?

Attendee Profile ICONS

Government Representatives

Ministers and Policy makers

Attendee Profile ICONS2


Leadership presence from OEMs with research and innovation teams

Attendee Profile ICONS3

Aftermarket Segment

Leadership presence from the aftermarket sector with research and innovation teams

Attendee Profile ICONS4

Channel Partners

Resellers, distributors and network partners

Attendee Profile ICONS8

Public & Shared Transport

Vehicle fleet owners, ride sharing apps, and logistics

Attendee Profile ICONS7

Transport Authorities

National, urban and regional public and private transportation authorities



Financiers, banks, multilateral banks



Legal/law firms

Attendee Profile ICONS5

Media & PR

Journalists, social media influencers and celebrity brand ambassadors