Hang Vu


VinFast Thailand

Ms. Hang Vu is an experienced senior executive with a diverse background in Corporate Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Transformation Management, and International Partnership & Representation. With a keen focus on driving sustainable innovation and global growth in the Electric Vehicle (EV) automotive sector, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

With a strong business acumen honed through years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, Ms. Vu has established herself as a trusted leader within the industry. Her tenure as a veteran executive in Vingroup has provided her with invaluable insights and expertise, which she now brings to her role as the leader of VinFast's expansion efforts in the Thailand market.

Recognized as one of the key regional markets, Thailand holds immense potential for VinFast, and under Ms. Vu's guidance, the Company is poised to make significant strides in establishing its presence and driving growth in the region.

Ms. Vu holds an MBA degree from a prestigious institution in the US. Beyond her professional pursuits, she enjoys practicing yoga, exploring new technologies, and cherishing time with her family.